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Dog Training Experts of North carolina

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We Are Ridgeside K9 Carolinas, Professional Dog Training in Jacksonville, North Carolina Offering Dog Boarding, Obedience Training, Puppy Training, and Much More. We train dogs of all ages, sizes, issues, and breeds! A Dog is never too old to learn. We have trainers located in Wilmington, NC. New Bern, NC. Raleigh, NC. Charlotte, NC. and Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Off-Leash Board and Training Focusing On Obedience.


Potty Training, Basic Obedience and Socialization.


Focusing on Aggressive Behavior


Jacksonville, NC Dog Training

Our Process Is Simple.

We focus on owner training as much as dog training!

What’s a dog that won’t listen to its owner when it comes home? We want to ensure your dog has lasting success and that starts with educating you as the owner!

First step in training is teaching a clear communication system to the dog. We have to have a way to clearly communicate with dogs what we want and don’t want from them. We will teach them obedience that works anywhere! Doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s a busy park or grandma’s house, our system works!

Second and most important step to training is training the owners! at graduation we spend 3 hours educating you the owner! We teach, show you and coach you. We want you to learn how to properly communicate with your pup so you can build a stronger relationship.

Here at Ridgeside K9 Carolinas we offer various ways to keep up with your training. To include life-time support. We hold weekly refresher training every Wednesday at 5pm (summer months) and Saturdays at noon (winter months)  for all prior clients, We offer a monthly pack walk, and we offer an online platform to be able to ask questions and connect with other owners. 

Every dog is different! Just like you and I.

Big or Small, Sweet or Aggressive, Old or Young

The best form of dog training is the one that is specialized to your dog and your needs. Dog training isn’t as easy as just bribing a dog with treats. There is a lot more to it, and it is our job to teach and coach you and your dog. 

There are many methods to get to the same end result; with our training methods we will assess your dog, situation, goals and come up with a plan to create the well-behaved pup of your dreams. 

The Dog Training Experts of North carolina

5-Star Rated, Professional, Reasonably Priced and Experienced. Real Deal Dog Training.

Ridgeside K9 NC is a professional dog training company that offers board and train for both puppies and adults, Off Leash training, aggression rehab training for dogs with aggression issues, and puppy obedience. We are locally owned and operated in the Jacksonville, NC area and service Wilmington, New Bern, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Since 2018 Ridgeside K9 NC has successfully trained 1000’s dogs and puppies. We can train any breed, age, and behavior! Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Ridgeside K9 NC?

5-Star Rated, Professional, Reasonably Priced and Experienced. Real Deal Dog Training.

At Ridgeside K9 Carolinas Dog Training our team is made up of top professionals in the industry with over 20+ years of experience training dogs and owners. Other trainers in the industry seek out the expertise from our team to better their own programs and if you work with us, you’re working with the most skilled leaders in the field of dog training. We’ve used this experience to create the most efficient and reliable training programs to help you and your dog live better lives together. We are part of the Ridgeside K9 family and have locations in other states as well.

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What Customers Said About Us....

5-Star Rated, Professional, Reasonably Priced and Experienced

“I can’t recommend Ridgeside K-9 enough. I had a couple of bad experiences with other local trainers and I was close to giving up on the idea until I found them. My dog Poppi LOVES going to her daycare/training program everyday. She gets so excited to see them. I love the daily drop off/pickup program because I get to take her home everyday and see her progress. All of her issues have been resolved and she is a joy to be around. I get compliments on her behavior everywhere I go. She comes home clean and happy everyday. I love that they allow daily playtime and make the experience pleasant for the dog and the owner. I would give them 3 thumbs up 👍🏻 if I had an extra thumb! Will and Christina have mainly worked with Poppi, they are amazing, and so patient, as are all of the wonderful trainers there. All smiles here! Communication is wonderful, training skill is out of this world and I see real results. Thanks guys! ♥️”

Kristin Regan

“This company is the real deal! I sent off my pup Cooper off for puppy training and picked him up yesterday. Kaitlyn worked her magic turning him into a sweetheart! At first I was worried about sending him away during his puppy months but I got lots of videos & pics of his progress. She kept me updated with everything. When I picked him up, she showed me the ropes on how to walk him on his new collar and all his little “tricks”. In the beginning, he tried to get away with things but today it was different. He was eager to learn & wanted to work for it. We even walked him about a dog who was slightly out of control and he kept his eyes on me the whole time! Im excited to see his next milestone in life. I can not thank you guys enough!

Jess Falcone

Let Us Help You Get Full Control Of Your Dog.

Struggling With These Issues?

Difficult to walk on leash? Constantly pulling leash when walking? Uncontrollable Barking? Aggression with other dogs and people? Biting or nipping Very stubborn? Digging Holes? Lack of basic obedience? 

Let Us Help Turn Your Uncontrollable Dog Into A Perfect Obedient Pet Today!

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