5 tips for easy nail maintenance

5 tips for easy nail maintenance

Preparing Your Puppies

Nail trimming involves a lot of paw handling so consistency is important.  From a young age playing with your puppies paws and toes will set up the fundamentals needed for easy maintenance as your pup grows up.  

Proper Clippers

The key to well trimmed nails is proper equipment. Due to the curve of a dogs nails, human clippers are not shaped properly to cut the nails without damage. Plier style clippers that are spring loaded are the easiest option for a clean smooth cut. For an even smoother finish you can round off the tip of the nail with a Dremel.

Trim with Benefits 

You want to make nail trimming as enjoyable as possible.  Finding a high value reward for your dog is very important. If you make it an enjoyable experience every time it can help ease dogs who are anxious during trims

Be Prepared

As dreaded as it is cutting the nail too short happens and it is okay.  The best thing you can do is not panic and apply styptic and reward.  If you do not have styptic powder you can use corn starch or flour in a pinch.  When the bleeding stops be sure to clean the nail and watch for bleeding to restart.

Be Strong

While many of us feel awful causing our dogs to be uncomfortable the best thing you can do is be confident. Do not hesitate while clipping. Place the clippers right past the quick and use one fluid motion to cut the nail. Approaching every trimming session with a positive attitude and confidence can help greatly decrease your dog’s stress and anxiety!

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