Are Dog Training Collars Inhumane?

Are Dog Training Collars Inhumane?

Practically every dog has a collar that holds their license, rabies/vaccination ID, and leash. There are a variety of collars out there that reflects your dog’s personality. However, some collars are designed for training purposes and not decoration. Some owners would use training collars to prevent pulling and barking. Are you located in or around Jacksonville, North Carolina and are looking for a dog trainer? Contact Ridgeside K9 NC today.

However, the popular questions that dog lovers often ask are whether or not training collars are humane. Because of this controversial topic, we will dive deeper to get a better understanding.

List of training collars out there

Aversive Collars

This is a commonly use collar for difficult dogs. These collars use physical discomfort or pain to train the dog to avoid specific actions. The goal is to stop unwanted behavior by initiating something unpleasant or painful.

Shock collars

Shock collars would release electric currents that pass through a metal point on the collar to signal or shock your dog if they were to do something wrong. The electrical signal can be a mild tingling sensation or something extremely excruciating. The shock collar is often used to train your dogs to stop barking or to stop unwanted behaviors.

The controversial issue with a shock collar is that people can administer the shock at a distance with remote control. This can lead to a greater chance of abuse or misuse.

Vibrating collar

This type of collar can definitely get your dog’s attention. It can be used to train your canine companion without delivering any shock. It basically vibrates and shakes when you push a button.

Are Dog training collars inhumane?

When it comes to dog training collars, it depends on how one uses it. Professional dog trainers know the apparatus of the shock collar, so they know how much to use with maximum effect without harming the dog. Unfortunately, the average dog owner is more likely to misuse the collar due to the lack of experience causing an unpleasant stimuli to the dog.

Fortunately, the proper usage of a training collar can be effective, but misuse can be inhumane and ineffective.

The training collars may seem like a good idea, but the lack of experience and knowledge can easily lead to misuse and harm. The best solution is to talk to a professional dog trainer about the proper way of using a training collar to prevent any issues that could damage the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

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