Best Dog Training Apps for Training Your Dog. 

There are a couple of dog training applications in the market currently; it is upon you to choose which will work best for you and your dog. Dog training can get hectic at times, but with the appropriate tools, the burden gets eased. Below are some of the most efficient dog training apps you can use to train your dog; they include: 

Puppy- Dog Training and Tricks 

The application gets considered among the most effective ones in the market. It enables dog owners to successfully show tricks to their dogs, such as sitting and fetching. You get support and free lectures via live chatting when using the app. 

For those who subscribe to ‘Purr Premium,’ it is essential to note that no refund will het provided to any unused portion in the application. You can effectively utilize the application to develop manners and tricks on your dog successfully. 

Multiple dogs can get trained at the same time using the app. The app supports both Android and iOS systems. 

Dogo-dog and Puppy Training App  

Here, you can get personalized training where you choose what you want to train your dog among the application’s available skills. In the app, you will find a clicker, an activity log, and even exams, after which you can attain a certificate. The training content in this app is available in text and video formats.

 Before subscribing to “Dogo Premium,” you can try out a 7-day free trial to glimpse what to expect. The application provides plenty of games for people to enjoy with their dogs. Additionally, you can interact with other Dogo users through a social network via the application. Through the app, you benefit from personal feedback through video examinations. 

Goodpop: Dog Train At Home 

The application is suitable for teaching your basic dog commands, in-door manners, and valuable skills to avoid bad behavior. Additionally, it educated the users on dog health. You will find illustrated guides, quick daily sessions, and efficient support in the app.  

The app works with the American Veterinary Medical Association for the best results. You will be required to follow a schedule for training your pet when using the application. 

To access these services, you will be required to set up a credit or debit card for the app, with weekly subscriptions renewed automatically. However, the app is most suitable for those with much free time training their dogs. 


Here, Zak George, a famous dog trainer, provides you and your pet with a 30-day training program where each training session is accompanied by a helpful video and written step-by-step instructions. 

Among the common lessons here include leash walking and even crate training. Some classes are repeated for a couple of days to ensure your dog masters the concept. After the 30 days of training, behavior-specific training sessions are available to help curb bad habits from your dog, like jumping and biting. 

To have unlimited access to the additional training programs, you will have to subscribe. However, you can still use the application for free to cover training basics. 

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