Five Common Dog Training Myths That You Should Never Believe

Dogs are not that different from humans when it comes to learned behavior. Unfortunately, many new pet owners do not have the proper information to train their dogs. The most common dog training myths may surprise you.

Below, Jacksonville’s trusted dog training experts explain some of the most common myths you might encounter while training your dog.
dog training myths

1. It’s too Late to Train My Dog

Professional dog trainers hear this myth frequently. While it is better to begin socializing your dog as a puppy, you can train them regardless of age. Canines continue to learn throughout their lives and are excellent at retaining information.

While it may take time to break old habits, don’t lose control over your dog because you believe this myth.

2. Dog Owners Must be “Alphas”

During training, someone will likely tell you to act like the “alpha of the pack.” This dominance theory is outdated and not congruent with how experts understand canine behavior. Dogs do not respond to shame, guilt, or delayed responses, so specific “alpha” behaviors (like raised voices and physical punishment) are not practical for training.

Dogs rely on a social structure of trust and communication. Take time to bond with your pet and set stern expectations. This method will teach your pet to behave within the limits of its environment.

3. Playing Rough Will Make My Dog Aggressive

Play is an essential part of canine development and learning. For example, teaching your dog how to play tug at a young age encourages behaviors such as:

  • Mouth control
  • Understanding physical cues
  • Trust between their play partner

Additionally, letting your dog play with other animals helps it learn good behavior around others and builds confidence.

4. You Can’t Train Certain Breeds

These dog training myths encourage some people to avoid certain breeds. However, dogs from every breed can learn good behavior through training methods that promote positive reinforcement. Although many dogs have a reputation for being aggressive, like pits or rottweilers, these expectations originate from misconceptions.

Your animal’s behavior will depend entirely on its experiences and how you choose to train it.

5. Hiring a Professional Trainer Is a Waste of Money

Many people think that training a dog is easy. They may encourage you to avoid getting help because “anyone can train a dog.” Unfortunately, it can be challenging to do alone if you lack education or experience with training animals.

Getting help from professionals is an excellent way to learn more about the connection between genetics and dog aggression. This solution also helps you bond with your dog and develop mutual trust. Experts at Ridgeside K9 Eastern Carolina can give you the tools and wisdom you need to succeed.

Our team of professionals has years of experience training dogs of all sizes and breeds. We help pacify canines with aggressive tendencies and socialize dogs that struggle with trust. This way, you can be confident about your relationship with your pet.

Contact Ridgeside K9 Eastern Carolina in Wilmington, NC, to learn about common dog training myths. Call us at (910) 541-1110.

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