Entrepreneurship – Ethics and Dog Training

Ethics – Entrepreneurship – Drive and Hustle, can these drives be taught?

What does it take to be a full-time dog trainer and business owner? Humans, much like dogs either have high-drive traits or they don’t. My question is this, can ethics and motivation be imprinted? Much like the question, can leadership be taught? In short, I will say this; in my opinion internal drive is either present or absent and can not be taught. Management and skill set on the other hand can 100% be created internally through positional influence, education, exposure and on-the-job training. Much like in dogs’ genetics produce traits while training produces behaviors.

Epistemology is at the foundation of the Ridgeside mission. Our location owners are always pushed to ask “why,” and always learn “how.” Never rely on someone else to express their knowledge of behavior over you. Have the internal drive and ethics to work harder, learn more and constantly educate yourself to the future. Always be one step ahead and have answers to questions prior to them being asked. Ethics – work HARDER and educate yourself more then your competition. Do you want to be a better business owner and dog trainer or spend time at a bar? It is honestly that simple of a question. You see nothing is wrong with having down time, 99% of the general population needs down time – and 99% of the population will spend a lifetime working for someone else.

Entrepreneurship – In short, many people have ideas. But few, and I mean few will have the courage to bring their idea to life. Most will talk about the “what-if” and have a lifetime of regret for not making it happen. With that said, do not quit your day job. Double dip if you can! Double dip until your side hustle passes your day job. At that point – sit down, go over the numbers, follow the numbers, trust in the numbers and if its right, and only you will know, pull the trigger and let your side hustle take over. Just remember, if you think you’re busy working for someone else NEVER go into business of your own. Being your own boss is a 24/7 drag on your life. It will take over everything and it will be like working three jobs at once – you will most likely regret being your own boss. However, for the 1% who can actually be successful at entrepreneurship – there is NO better feeling!

Drive and Hustle – Absolutely mandatory! After you find someone with great work ethics and an internal drive for knowledge, they must be high-drive and have an inner hustle that can not be stopped. They must be willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to make-it-happen! Late nights, early mornings and long days are required. Few can maintain the speed. Few will have the fire required to run wide open. When you find these people, take care of them. These people are the ones who will drive cross country over night to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

In closing; the Ridgeside team is full of motivators! True 1%ers that will do whatever, whenever, however to make it happen. Our team is full of veterans. Locations are veteran owned, and owner operated. The footprint is growing, and the network is strong! Big news coming December 1st!!!