Leadership – Ridgeside Style

Lead from the front – set the example. Allow me to explain. I am well aware of how busy my location owners are at the moment. Starting new businesses, opening locations, moving, figuring out the head aches of financial issues, training dogs around the clock, life, kids, relationships etc… In all honesty – I truly don’t care! I deal with the same issues daily. I recruit warriors into Ridgeside K9. Guys who get laser focused and can battle through any fog life throws at them. Guys who can function with clarity on 4 hours sleep. They must posses internal motivation with no need for fake reassurance! Work harder, work longer, do it again! Stop wasting time on stuff that has no benefit. Build your personal brand! Grow your location! One day, one hour, one minute at a time – DO not waste time. Team work – build each other – share knowledge – communicate – ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT! Damn these guys motivate me! Its 0005 right now and I have an active chat log going with everyone on the team!!! Sleep – no time.. Wake up! Go train, go do something productive!

So onto the attached pics. I just finished a late night obedience routine with the dogs. The routine ended with some place work in the darkness, using the blackness of the mountain as a stimulus to the dog. And I figured “let me make some content” break out the good camera and do a low light photo shoot. If my team sees that I’m out posting content at 0030 after just finishing a group chat etc they will see that “if Aaron is doing it – I need to be doing it as well”…. Lead from the front – lead by example and allow your positional influence to work in a positive way! Peer pressure is a real thing – in both good and bad ways. Lead – follow – or get out of the way… Blessed with a crazy team of motivators.

Onto the hunt boys!