Basic Dog Obedience Training

Teaching Your Dog Obedience Commands So you have become a dog owner. Whether you rescued the dog or you have a new puppy, you are

Crate training

  We get asked quite often what exactly the point of crate training is. There are so many misconceptions and incorrect information about crate training

5 tips for easy nail maintenance

Preparing Your Puppies Nail trimming involves a lot of paw handling so consistency is important.  From a young age playing with your puppies paws and

Operant Conditioning in dog training

Operant Conditioning in dog training. The term “operant conditioning” was coined by B.F Skinner because of his belief that classical conditioning, which we learned about

Hiking with Your K9

Hiking in the back country. Let me start by saying I love hiking with dogs; I pursue ways to allow my dogs to simply be

House Pets to Working Dogs

House pets to working dogs – is there a difference? In breed, drive and function – yes. However; in behavior, issues and problems – not

Enjoy The Silence

Just had one of those moments and thought I would share it. The morning routine; just finished running, cleaning and feeding the dogs in the