Things to Look for When Choosing a Dog Trainer

Hiring a dog trainer is one of the most important decisions that you take for your canine friend. However, choosing a dog trainer can be a challenging process for many dog owners, particularly the new ones. Since the federal or state law doesn’t require any certification or license to become a dog trainer, literally anyone can claim to be a dog trainer.

Knowing that the trainer can make a world of difference in a dog’s behavior and can also have an impact on their psychology and overall personality, we deem it necessary to discuss how one should go about choosing a dog trainer. Because many don’t know and end up hiring the wrong ones that do more harm than good.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Dog Trainer

Following are the most important factors to look for to ensure the dog trainer you’re considering hiring is the right choice:

1. Relevant Qualification

Just because someone loves dogs or have spent a great deal of time with them doesn’t qualify them to be a professional dog trainer.

Even though it is not required, the best dog trainers take certificate courses, often more than one, to develop a better understanding of dog psychology and behaviors and learn training methods. Some even have degree in a relevant subject, such as animal science or animal behavior.

The best certificate courses to look for are PMCT, VSPDT, VSA-CDT, CTP, KPA, and CTC. Remember that you can always ask for the proof of these qualifications.

2. Their Training Philosophy

There are several different methods of dog training available. But, not all of them are the same in terms of effectiveness. Some can even have negative impacts on a dog’s psychology and behavior. Therefore, it is essential that you inquire about the training philosophy of the trainer and the methods they’re going to use to make sure they are effective and won’t cause any harm to your dog.

The method that’s universally considered the best dog training method is positive reinforcement. So, your best bet would be to work with a trainer that uses positive reinforcement to train dogs.

Dog training

3. Reviews

Don’t just settle for what a trainer tells you about the effectiveness of their training methods. Always double-check their claims by checking out reviews on their social media. If they’re actually as good as they claim, they must have plenty of positive comments, reviews, and testimonials from their previous and existing clients.

When checking reviews, make sure to also look what people have to say about the trainer’s personality and attitude.

You can also reach out to some of their clients for a detailed inquiry about their experience.

These are the top three factors every dog parent should consider while hiring a dog trainer. Remember, the trainer is going to shape your dog’s behaviors. Therefore, you cannot trust just anyone. Take your time and always investigate properly before settling for one.