Top 5 Attractions in Jacksonville North Carolina.

Top 5 Attractions in Jacksonville North Carolina.

Do you love adventures? Or, maybe an activity that may not be as adventurous is more your thing? Whether you live in Jacksonville North Carolina, or are just passing through, here are five of the best attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Downtown Jacksonville.

If you’re looking for a traditional museum, then the Riverside Museum should be your first stop. Located on the banks of the river, it provides a history of Jacksonville from its beginnings in 1796 to present day. If you’re looking for more entertainment and something interesting to do, the Riverside Theater should be your next stop. Built in 1924, this theater was known as the “Orpheum” before it was sold and renamed in 1962 by its current owner, J. W. Gaulding, Jr., J. W.

Jacksonville Parks.

If you’re looking for sports fields where you can play baseball, softball, soccer, or football, then Jacksonville Parks should also be a great stop. The most notable features include the W.A.W.P. Baseball City, which is also home to the state-of-the art Field Level Ultrasound System. This is a newly funded project that was designed by a local company in order to help diagnose concussions and treat them using sound waves instead of MRI’s. Also at the park are numerous playgrounds for children and picnic areas for families. If you’re looking for something different such as ice skating, paintball, fishing, or bird watching, then you should check out the Jacksonville Nature Center.

Pelletier House.

The Pelletier House is located in Jacksonville on the Southbank Riverwalk, and is the oldest remaining wooden structure in downtown. The house was started by merchant William Pelletier with his wife Mary, and finished by his son-in-law, John Sypher. When it was completed it was originally about 12 feet wide and 30 feet deep, but as time went on it grew to its current size of nearly 20 feet wide and 55 feet deep.

Old Town Hall.

The Old Town Hall is located on the corner of South Steele Street and South Main Street. It was originally built by Daniel Dodson in 1854. It was used as a private residence and then became the home of the town’s first school, which eventually became known as Riverside School. In 1879, when the county needed more room for administrative offices, they bought it from Mr. Dodson for $800 and turned it into a courthouse that housed eight different offices until 1939. It was then used as storage and became obsolete, until the county decided to restore it. In 1983 the town of Jacksonville bought it for $1, and in 1985 it became the home to the city’s first museum.

Orange County Courthouse.

This historic structure was originally built in 1868 as a private mansion and has since been transformed into one of the most interesting historical landmarks in North Carolina. There is an interesting history behind the building that makes it even more unique. Originally built as a private residence, a group of people from Baltimore purchased it and turned it into a school for the benefit of African Americans. It was then sold to city leaders and utilized as a courthouse for over 100 years.

Jacksonville North Carolina has a lot to offer and the above are just a few of the top attractions. If you enjoy history, art or adventure, you’ll find plenty of attractions to keep you busy and occupied in Jacksonville.

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