Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with your dog is a personal decision many people chose to make for one reason or another. Whether your dog is the right size to fit in a bag, a service dog, or just a cute companion you want by your side, it’s necessary to condition your dog to adapt to certain life-style changes and events. There are ways to work with your dog to make planning easier- prior to traveling. For example, you could take up training with a dog professional or even navigate some training on your own. For those that are already comfortable and confident enough to travel, here are some extra tips and tricks to make traveling with your dog, a little easier. 

  1. If traveling early in the morning, limit food and drink hours before bedtime, and the morning of.
  2. If traveling late in the evening, feed the dog earlier in the day (maybe even skip dinner) and begin to limit water a few hours before the trip. 
  3. If you are taking your dog on a lengthy trip, make sure your dog has plenty of chances to use the bathroom especially before departure, along the trip (if possible), and when you get to your destination. 
  4. Pack your dog’s vaccination records and emergency contact numbers away safely. 
  5. During longer periods of time for travel, give your dog ice cubes throughout the trip to cool them down and quench their thirst. Some treats here and there may help, too!
  6. Always be sure to give your dog plenty of food and water once you reach your final destination. 
  7. Have 1-2 days’ worth of dog food easily accessible (i.e. if flying, pack in carry on. If driving, pack in an easy-reach bag, etc.)
  8. Pack an “oh no!” kit. Items to pack in this kit could include Lysol wipes, dog pads or paper towels, extra doggie bags, Dramamine, and Benadryl (check with your vet first) can be beneficial to have on hand, if an accident happens or your dog gets sick. 

If after traveling a few times with your dog, you see it makes them anxious, sick, or otherwise straying from their original “personality”, it may be beneficial to stop traveling with your dog. Just like humans, not all dogs love to travel, and it may be safer to your dog to be left with a trusted person or dog kennel while gone!

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