What Are Dog Training Clickers?

Clicker training became a popular trend in the mid-1990 because it’s an excellent alternative to negative enforcement or aversive training that focus on intimidation, fear, and pain.

This innovative training tool centers around positive reinforcement with plenty of support from scientific research. It’s highly effective and can help strengthen the bond between you and your dog, stop unwanted behavior, and improve the training sessions.

If you are interested in using a dog training clicker, here is more information about this tool.

What Are Dog Training Clickers

A clicker is a small device that makes a clicking sound, which replaces the marker word.

The goal of the clicker is to provide positive reinforcement training by rewarding the dog for the proper behavior with something that they enjoy. 

The marker word, on the other hand, is usually a short word to inform the dog that they have done something right. The marker word is usually “yes” or “good.” 

With the clicker, it allows the owner to communicate with their dog about which behavior they like and allows them to reward their companion quickly, so they don’t lose focus.

During a training session, the clicker replaces the marker word “yes.” If you tell the dog to sit, and the moment his butt touches the ground, you click on the device, then reward him immediately afterward.

Marker Word Vs. Clicker Training 

Even though the clicker works the same way as a marker word, the two are completely different. 

First, the clicker has a distinct sound. However, we are often talking to our dog or having conversations with other people, so words are different. No matter what marker work you choose, your dog has probably heard it before. However, a “click” is a sound that occurs only if you’re holding the clicker. 

Secondly, the clicker is neutral. It doesn’t reflect sadness or happiness; it’s just a click. That way, your dog will not have to determine how you feel; they can focus on the task at hand.

How to Train Your Dog With a Clicker?
If this is your first time using a clicker to train your dog, It’s essential to let him know that every click will lead to a reward. This will entail giving him a treat after clicking on the device. After about ten repetitions, your dog should understand that a clicker is a good thing. 

Now it’s time to teach your dog a new trick. It’s always best to start with something easy like “sit.” Once your dog understands the command, click on the device, and give him a treat. If you capture a good behavior like lying down quietly instead of begging at the table, then click on the clicker and give him a treat. Eventually, your canine companion will understand what acceptable or unacceptable behavior.

Bottom line
If you decide to use the clicker, get one with a wristband so that you wouldn’t drop it during an intense training session. Use a treat pouch to hold the food reward. Keep in mind that the clicker is not a remote control, so it will not cue your dog to do something. 

The clicker indicates that your dog has done something right and deserves a reward. Make sure to keep your training session short; dogs tend to learn better in a ten-minute session rather than a one-hour session. 

With plenty of love and patient as well as using the clicker properly, you will be able to communicate effectively with your four-legged friend.