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Carolina Air Dogs

Dock Diving
Jacksonville, NC. By Ridgeside K9 NC

Carolina Air Dogs is a practice, training and an Ultimate Air Dog event facility in Eastern North Carolina. Dock Diving is the fastest growing sport for your dog. Bring your dog for swimming fun!

Ultimate air dogs club


Hydro Therapy is also great for Arthritic dogs. Young dogs have a fun out let for their energy and this effects their behavior in a positive way. “A tired dog is a good dog” Dock diving helps dogs stay physically fit.

Our pool measures 21 x 41feet and is 4 ft deep. The dock is 40ft long. We have ramps rather than stairs to get on and off the dock. This facilitates all people and some dogs dislike stairs.

Our facility is located on 4 acres of land with two dog training buildings.

Feel free to bring chairs, coolers and pop-up tents for shade. Plenty of parking as well as Bathrooms are available.

Please remember to pick up after your dog and yourself and pick up your cigarette butts. Smoking permitted but not while handling a dog or while on the dock.

Pool Opens July 1st! Do not Schedule Before July 1st.


K9 SwimFit:

This is a program for Arthritic, overweight, elderly, surgery patients, and dogs needing a safe exercise outlet.  

Cost: $30 hr/partial hrs apply 


This is for regular swimmers that do not need help or direction.  It is not for beginners.

Cost:$30 per dog per hour


Time put aside for people focusing on pole work or needing to practice on the pole.

$40 w/coaching per dog per hr


Time put aside for beginners. It’s stressful enough to start something new and we want your first few times to be a positive experience for both you and your dog. So with SwimStart we go at a slower pace and take the time a new dog needs to enjoy the sport.

$40 per dog per hour

Must have at least one session to continue to Open Swim

Private pool time and instruction when requested.

For Private dog parties please contact via email for info and prices

Things You Might Need To Bring:


  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Chairs
  • Crate
  • Extra Clothes (You will get wet)
  • First Aid kit for you & your dog
  • Floating Toy
  • Float vest for your dog 
  • A good 4-6 ft leash (No Retractables)
  • A pop-up canopy for shade
  • Drinks & Snacks for you & your dog
  •  Dog’s shot records
  • Bug spray & sunscreen
  • Sunglasses & a hat
Please remember NO food allowed in fenced in pool area or in pool.

No real feathers or fur toys.

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