Behavior Modification in Jacksonville NC

At Ridgeside K9 Carolinas Dog Training, we offer behavior modification programs for dogs with all types of behavioral issues. These programs can take up to 8 weeks and are NOT a quick fix. Each dog gets a customized training program to address it’s specific issues. All dogs are not trained the same.

Our Behavior Modification Program addressess issues, such as:

  • Aggression to people, dogs, and other animals.
  • Fear of environmental factors, noises, people, objects, and other animals.
  • Reactivity on walks, lunging, barking, snapping.
  • Excessive barking
  • Resource guarding
  • littermate syndrome
  • Territorial aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors

To produce the most effective behavior modification plan possible, a true professional dog trainer will take various factors into consideration. After all, each individual’s situation is unique and requires careful evaluation in order to craft an appropriate solution. To achieve this goal, our experts must assess the presented issues from multiple angles before devising their strategy for success!

Behavior Modification Training Methods

Dog training and behavior modification come in a multitude of forms! Many owners are unaware that there is more than one way to train their dogs, but the truth is – they have options. It’s important for pet parents to explore different methods before engaging with a professional trainer so they can find one who best suits their needs.

Most Common Behavior Modification Techniques.

Puppy obedience Training


On Leash obedience jacksonville obedience training


Off leash obedience, off leash freedom


Service dog training jacksonville nc


Service dog training jacksonville nc

response substitution

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