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5 of the Best Calming Foods for Dogs

Each dog has a unique personality and develops based on their experiences. Sometimes, they can have anxious tendencies from the start or may develop them through life circumstances. One great way to help them have peace includes adding tasty treats to their diet.

As Jacksonville’s trusted dog trainers, we at Ridgeside K9 keep an eye out for beneficial foods to help their behaviors and moods. We found some calming food for dogs that can help ease their worries.

1. Steamy Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can help relax your dog with body-calming antioxidants such as beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes have vitamins B6 and C packed into them with a rich amount of crude fiber.

Though it is a carbohydrate, starch can benefit your dog in moderation. Sweet potatoes work great as occasional cooked snacks or additives to a substantial meal. 

2. Cooked Oily Fish

Oily fish has large amounts of taurine, one of several necessary amino acids vital for their health. The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish can reduce adrenaline effects in anxious or hyperactive dogs. They also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory fatty acids that benefit elderly pets.

It pairs well with sweet potato, providing the taurine your dog needs as the sweet potato adds texture and vitamins. Some products directly bottle the oil from salmon to add their benefits to any meal.

3. Raw or Cooked Spinach

Spinach provides great disease-fighting and anti-inflammatory vitamins and folic acid, easing potential illness and working as a calming food for dogs. They contain additional minerals, like iron and magnesium, boosting a dog’s digestive system and reducing their stress level.

Because dogs do not digest plant fibers as well as meat, be sure to make it easier on your furry friend. Cooking spinach softens the cell bindings, but you can also chop or blend raw spinach.

4. Fresh Blueberries

Blueberries do not require preparation to give your pup a calming, antioxidant-rich treat. Their special cocktail of vitamins and phytochemicals helps prevent cellular damage and protect your pet against illness. 

One stress-relieving property in blueberries comes from quercetin, a cellular-regulating chemical. Quercetin lowers blood pressure, and high blood pressure can send any pet into a frenzy. Consider using them to replace some of your dog’s treats or add them sparingly to a meal each day.

5. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds contain high amounts of L-tryptophan, a crucial amino acid for neurochemical development. In particular, they help produce serotonin and melatonin, known commonly as the happy and sleepy chemicals.

They also provide selenium for your dog. A selenium deficiency can cause anxiety, fatigue, or depression. Consider adding some crushed or ground-roasted pumpkin seeds as a wet or dry dog food topper or mixer!

The Ridgeside K9 team always looks for new ways to benefit your furry family, including finding calming food for dogs. Our professionals have years of experience with emotional self-control for dogs, obedience training, and more. 

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