Activities To Do With Your Dog

Most people and their dogs enjoy walking or hiking throughout the week.

However, there are other activities out there to try with, or for your dog that you can both enjoy.

Have you ever gotten bored with the daily, repetitive walk? Have you ever wondered what your dog could be capable of physically or mentally? Not to mention, some of these activities could also help mitigate energy levels and some behavioral issues, as it gives your dog an outlet and something to look forward to.

Most dogs enjoy being challenged, whether its fetching, hunting, climbing, balancing, swimming, and more! While extra activities can be fun and exciting to you and your dog, there are often breed-specific activities your dog may enjoy and succeed at over other choices.  There are tons of dog activities and sports to choose from, check out the Dog Training Center in Jacksonville NC for some options – here are just a few recommendations to investigate:

  • Does your dog have high energy or love to chase? Try signing up for agility course or a game of flyball.
  • Does your dog love to swim and fetch? Try a dock diving lesson.
  • If your dog loves to run and has endurance- “canicross” is cross country running for dogs!
  • Does your dog have genetic instincts for livestock? Try herding for a sport.
  • Is your dog protective, strong and obedient? Look into Protection dog training. 
  • Does your dog have an amazing ability to pick up smells? Try a scent work or a tracking trial.  
  • Does your dog like to chase rats, squirrels, or other vermin? Take your dog to a barn hunt class.
  • Does your dog love hunting? Try fieldwork or explore field events.
  • Is your dog sweet and gentle in nature and loves people? See about signing them up to become a therapy dog.
  • Does your dog have a natural instinct to pull things? Look into sled-pulling or carting.
  • Does your dog love to please humans? Try some obedience work or advanced obedience classes.
  • Does your dog not fit on this list? Do an online search of your dog’s skills to see what appeals to you, or contact a professional to see which area you and your dog may fit into!

While some younger dogs may do better in certain above listed activities, low-energy or senior dogs can benefit from some of these as well. Activities such as performing scent work, engaging in obedience training, or becoming a therapy dog. To get started in any of these, search your top choices to see which activities are near your home. Research, send an email, make a call, or check it out in person to see if it is right for you and your dog.

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