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How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

If your dog is jumping up and down a lot, the first step is to remove yourself from the area. Then, go outside, wait for a moment, and return. Repeat the process as often as needed until you have a calm environment. During this time, keep some treats close and praise your dog for being calm. Avoid giving too much attention, as this will only encourage more jumping. The following are several ways to stop a dog from jumping.

Keep your dog on a leash

If your dog is known for jumping, you can prevent the behavior by keeping him on a leash while he is out and about. As the owner, you can get down to his level and quickly redirect the situation. If you are not quick enough, he may be tempted to jump. To keep your dog from doing this, you can reward him for sitting calmly, while remaining on a leash.

Putting a leash around your dog will also prevent him from jumping on people. This way, you can make sure that everyone in the household is aware of the behavior and that the dog does not jump on strangers. You should also use a longline (10ft) to quickly and calmly bring your dog
back to you. You can then reward the dog for not jumping up, such as giving him a treat after every non-jumping behavior.

Avoid touching your dog

The goal of the exercise, “Avoid touching your dog to stop a jumper,” is to remove the reward of attention. The dog should only be stroked if you’re standing or lying down. When your dog does jump up, ignore it and give it a stern “no” instead. Make sure to make the room dog-proof, or
otherwise secure it, so the dog won’t be tempted to jump up again.

Another technique to stop your dog from jumping is to turn your back away when it jumps. Dogscrave attention and affection and petting them when they jump will reinforce their jumping behavior. Instead, turn away and ignore your dog as much as possible. Once your dog realizes that they’re not welcome, say “No.”

Treats to encourage him to keep all four feet on the floor

To train a dog to stay on all four feet on the floor, you can use treats. Your dog will enjoy the attention that comes with sitting on all four feet. Treats can also be helpful in training a stubborn dog. A dog that is obsessed with balls is likely to jump even higher than an average dog. The
most effective training methods work by making it a game. To teach your dog to stay on all four feet on the floor, throw treats to it and walk close to it. 

As you approach the dog, pet calmly or cuddle it as a reward. If you want to accelerate the learning process of “Be a tree,” put a mat near a comfortable spot for your dog. Once your dog has settled, toss a treat on the mat. Make sure to give the command “off” when your dog jumps. Turn around when your dog is about to jump so that it will turn back. Then use treats to reward your dog for keeping all four feet on the floor.

Managing your dog's environment to prevent jumping

When your guests come over, make sure you put some treats out at the door. Explain to your guests that you are training them to behave politely and will not allow them to pet your dog. Many people will pet a dog that jumps up on people, which reinforces this behavior. To prevent
this from happening, you can use a training collar or leash. 

If your dog does jump, try ignoring them and leading them away. Another effective way to train your dog to avoid jumping is to only give you the dog attention when all four paws are on the ground. By avoiding the dog’s temptation to jump, you can teach him other behaviors. This can be useful if your dog wants to play with other dogs.

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