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We Offer Puppy Training, Off Leash Obedience Training and Behavior Modification To Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Dog training is a specialized field that requires knowledge and experience. We work closely with you to help your dog meet its full potential, so whether it be at home or in the field we can provide guidance for any situation! Our professional dog trainers in Charlotte, Nc have decades of experience and we are here to help you!

Puppy Training Jacksonville NC

New pup? Training a puppy starts the day you bring your new puppy home. Puppies are little sponges and they are always learning, whether it’s good things or bad things. That is why it’s so important to start training them early and showing them good behaviors! And we are here to guide you!

We offer a few training options for puppies under 5 months old:

1 on 1 lessons at your home

Our trainer will come to your home or our training building to do 1 on 1 lessons weekly.

2 week Puppy University

During our Puppy University, your puppy will spend 2 weeks with one of our amazing trainers. Your dog will spend the day training, going on field trips to socialize and be exposed to a variety of environments. This is the KEY to creating a confident dog! Your dog will also learn all of our basic obedience cues and commands, walk on a leash like a gentleman/lady and learn relaxation games. 

Check out our puppy blog and learn some tips on How to stop bad behaviors.

pawsitive pup
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Off The Leash Dog Training

Obedience Training. On and Off Leash

For Dogs over 5 months old:

1 on 1 lessons

Our 1 on 1 lessons for dogs over 5 months are designed to fit your needs and work on issues you may have, if any. Our goal is to help you make your dog the best version they can be, whether you want to work on reactivity, amazing off leash obedience, sport obedience-we will guide you to your goals!

Board and Trains 

Our famous board and train options are designed to take the load off of you and have your dog professionally trained by one of us! During this training your dog will be attached to one of our trainer’s hip during the day, where the trainer goes, your dog goes. Generalizing obedience everywhere is important to create stability and proficiency in your dog’s behaviors. During training breaks, your dog will learn to relax in the home and various environments. 

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter method of dog training. We adapt our training to the specific dog in front of us to achieve the best results. After training is over, we spend time training you. Training the owner is one of the most important parts of training and after our send home, we offer multiple options for continued training and maintenance

Aggression and Behavior Problems

These type of dogs are NOT a quick fix. It takes time and experience to deal with dogs that have behavioral issues. The first step to training any behavioral issue, is assessing the dog, the owners and the environment that they live in. It’s important to know why the issues are happening and what might be triggering them in order to come up with a training plan that will work! 

Read about the 5 Common behavioral issues in dogs.

Dog aggression and behavior problems

Service Dog Training Jacksonville Nc

Our service dog training starts with an evaluation of the handler and dog team. We want to come up with the best training plan possible to ensure long lasting results. We mainly focus on service dog for veterans under our foundation Ridgeside K9 Foundation we help with service dog training case by case so feel free to reach out and ask how we can help!

Service dog training in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Group Classes Jacksonville NC

At Ridgeside K9 we believe continued training and support for our clients is very important. Pack walks are one of the many things we offer clients for free after they have trained with us!

We hold pack walks at various locations to give owners a chance to train around a lot of distractions in a controlled environment with other trained dogs.

During our pack walks we do obedience drills, games, competitions and QA’s. We like to make it an interactive event so owners and dogs can have fun.