Service Dog Training

Our service dog training encompasses a wide range of service dog types, including guide, mobility, hearing, medical alert, autism service, and psychiatric support dogs.

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What Is Service Dog Training?

We Offer Service Dog Training in Raleigh, Jacksonville & All Surrounding Areas.

Service Dog Training varies tremendously in the dog training industry. Ridgeside K9 does not “certify” any dogs in working services.

However, we provide the obedience components that allow many service dogs to go forward in their training. We can support the mission of turning a dog into a true service dog by providing advanced obedience.

Prior to Service Dog Training, a training blueprint will be established to ensure specific goals are met that are outside the scope of an obedience board and train package. Once the training blueprint is complete we will work with the handler to ensure we are all on the same page moving forward.

We cannot teach the dog to love or like you – NO dog trainer can.

About Our Program

Step One: Obedience Training

Minimum of 7 Private Lessons OR
Minimum of 3-Week Board and Train

Step Two: Evaluation and Temperament Test

For example, a Papillon is not an appropriate choice to pull a wheelchair, but could make an excellent hearing dog.

The AKC Canine Good Citizens Test program can provide guidelines and benchmarks for foundation skills.

Step Three: Public Access Test

Included in the lesson program if a client chooses to go that route but must be done with the owner.

Step Four: Task Training

(The number of lessons depends on the task)

Task Training Lesson Package OR
4-6 Week Board and Train

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