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What Is Therapy Dog Training?

Therapy dogs are specially trained to provide emotional support and comfort to individuals other than their own handlers, often working in group environments like schools, hospitals, and disaster areas. These dogs may also play a role in therapeutic settings to support professional counseling. The qualifications for therapy dogs vary, with no universal standard in place. Aspiring therapy dog handlers should research the specific requirements and experiences sought by organizations and professionals they wish to collaborate with for a clearer understanding of the field.

About Our Program

Dogs of any breed can become therapy dogs, provided they exhibit the necessary temperament and intellect. Ideal therapy dogs are capable of interacting peacefully with multiple people, maintaining their composure and focus, even in emotionally charged situations. Essential to a therapy dog’s role is their socialization, as they will encounter numerous unfamiliar individuals. Ensuring these dogs possess the right behavior and attitude is crucial for their effectiveness in therapeutic environments.

  • Therapy dogs operate in varied, sometimes chaotic settings like schools, hospitals, and disaster areas.
  • Handlers must ensure their dogs stay calm, alert, and obedient under all conditions.
  • Dogs must cope with unpredictable behavior from individuals, including small children and those with mental health challenges.
  • Maintaining calm in environments with distractions, such as noisy classrooms or busy hospitals, is crucial.
  • It’s important for handlers to monitor their dogs for signs of stress, ensuring they have sufficient rest and enjoy their therapeutic work.

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