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Turn Your Dog Into A Well-Behaved Dog That Listens!

Does your dog or new puppy lack focus and attention toward your commands? Are you tired of your dog not listening? Are you frustrated with their behavior toward other dogs or people? We can help!


Put a STOP to Bad Behavior!

Uncontrollable barking, pulling during walks, biting, snapping or excessive jumping on guests? Does this sound like your dog? We can help stop all of these bad behaviors!

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We Can Help Eliminate These Issues.


A well trained dog is a happier dog!

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training offers professional dog training for all Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas. Let us help transform your dog into a perfect obedient pet!


Services We Offer

Board and Train
Puppy Training
Private Training
Aggression & More
Dog training

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training

Any Breed, Age Or Behavior.

Small dogs to big dogs, puppies to senior dogs, we have the experience to transform your dog into the perfect obedient pet that listens to your every command!

20+ Years Experience

Who Are We?

We are Ridgeside K9 Carolinas. A professional dog training company since 2018 located in Jacksonville, NC. We have trained 100’s of dogs with every possible issue you can think of. If your looking for obedience training for your dog contact us today for a quick free assessment.

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training

Helping owners and dogs better understand each other.

We want to empower owners to feel confident in their relationship with their dog. We tailor each program to the needs of the specific dog we are training.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to trainings which sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

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