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We Offer Professional Dog Training In Sanford, NC and All Surrounding Areas. We can train any breed, size and behavior. We are local and offer free consultation. Let us help create your perfect obedient dog today.


Put a STOP to Bad Behavior!

Uncontrollable barking, pulling during walks, biting, snapping or excessive jumping on guests? Does this sound like your dog? We can help stop all of these bad behaviors!

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We Can Help Eliminate These Issues.


Ready To Take Full Control Of Your Dog?

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training offers professional dog training for all Sanford, NC, and surrounding areas. Let us help transform your dog into a perfect obedient pet!

Helping owners and dogs better understand each other.

Services We Offer

Board and Train
Puppy Training
Private Training
Aggression & More

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training

What Makes Us Different?

We believe training your dog is an important step, but we believe what's even more important is training YOU and the continued support AFTER training!

Our Exclusive Immersion Board and Train Program

A Board and Train Program is where your dog comes and stays with us for the duration of their training. Our board and train program is ideal for people who either do not have the time to train their dog or those whose dog is exhibiting severe behavioral problems.


- Consistent Training
- Do more with your Dog sooner, faster results
- Reliable training results
- Field trips and socialization
- Perfect for busy families

A board and training program can help your pet transform their mindset and live a happier life. The training sessions make up the bulk of your dog's day. We offer specialized packages that are tailored to each dog's personality and needs.

What's most important is establishing trust and a clear communication system with your dog, so they feel comfortable working with us and taking what they learned back home to you.

Well, what exactly do We offer after training for free?

Follow Up Lessons
If you choose to do a board and train program with us, you have a free follow-up lessons to help you!

Pack Walks
Pack walks are an awesome way to work around other trained dogs in a controlled environment. During pack walks we will push you and your dog past your training comfort zone! we want you guys to be the best team possible

Refresher Training
We hold scheduled refresher training events throughout the months. These are similar to pack walks, but we focus more heavily on obedience and relationship building.

The Family Page
Once you become a client, you are part of our Ridgeside K9 Family. You will have access to join our Facebook family group with 2500+ clients! This is a great group for networking and hearing about upcoming events such as seminars, refresher training and outings!

What If We Have To Go Out Of Town?
Stay and Train
Do you have to go out of town? Leave your dog with one of our trainers for a small fee so they get some refresher training instead of sitting in a kennel! During our stay and train, your dog will work in obedience and adventure around town with one of our amazing trainers!

Our Trainers Are Evaluated, Trained and Selected...

We carefully to fit our brand and to provide you guys the best, most qualified and most knowledgeable trainers!

Ridgeside K9 believe there is no "one size fits all" approach to dog training.

Each dog and owner are evaluated for issues, goals and wants. We customize each training package using a mix of marker training, free shaping, classical and operant conditioning to establish real world, measurable and reliable obedience and control.

We always push for the dog to achieve clarity of task. Showing a dog a new way of "being" and the owners a new way of communicating.

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Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training

We want to empower owners to feel confident in their relationship with their dog. We tailor each program to the needs of the specific dog we are training.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to trainings which sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

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