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Will the trainer

Will Witting

Hi! My name is Will, and I’m the owner and head trainer of Ridgeside K9 Carolinas. I am 30 years old, and I’m originally from Peru. I spent ten years in the United States Marine corps, 7 of those years was as a Marine Special Operator. I did three combat deployments and was stationed in Camp Lejeune my whole career. I decided to stay here once I got out so I could train dogs full time.

I got into working with dogs in 2012 when I started training at a local Schutzhund club. Since then, I have worked and trained dogs in many aspects, to include Dog sports, Pet obedience, behavior modification, Aggression cases, police dogs, and Military dogs. 

I started Ridgeside K9 Carolinas in September 2018, and we have trained hundreds of Board and trains since then.  Most of the dogs we have trained were either aggressive or had some serious behavioral issues. Watching these dogs come around is so rewrading to me and I hope to be able to help many many more dogs and families!

Taylor Witting

What’s up? Taylor here! Just your everyday Ohioan who has wound up in good ole Jacksonville, North Carolina.

I am an Army Reserve veteran and a mother of three; 1 human and 2 german shepherds. I got Zephyr as a puppy 3 years ago when I first discovered dog sports, like PSA, and started training him at a weekly club.. Also where I met Will!

Unfortunately, PSA wasn’t exactly Zephyr’s mojo, so he now he just lives the pet dog life and enjoys activities such as agility, hiking and swimming. I got Cayto specifically to be my sport dog and he shows a lot of promising potential in the PSA world. It’s been a learning experience for the both of us but I am truly excited for our future!

I am Will’s right hand woman. I do it all from training, lessons, and turn overs. I have been here since the very beginning. I first got into dog training from the sport side of it all, but learned all about pet dog obedience through an online/externship course and from shadowing Will, prior to Ridgeside. Aside from training dogs, you can either find me on trails with my pups or dabbling in photography.

Austen, A Dog Trainer for Ridgeside K9


Hi guys! I’m Austen..”Hi Austen”. I am 27 and from a super tiny town in Louisiana. I enjoy moderately distance walks with my dog. I drink too much coffee and tend to make corny jokes at the wrong time. Nicknamed “Alexa” for my knowledge on irrelevant facts. I graduated
high school in 2011 and joined the Navy. After 4 years, I got out to be with my husband and go to school to finish my degree in Criminal Justice. We moved to NC in 2016.

There has always been a passion inside me for dogs, but it wasn’t until I got my own that it really started to make an impression. I started working with Kona on just the basics and then moved on to trick training. That’s where I really shine. Seeing a dog’s mind work with every new command is just so intriguing. Trick training has really strengthened the bond between Kona and I and I am grateful for the opportunities that have gotten me to where I am now with


Hi! They call me Chris. I am 23 and the newest member of Ridgeside K9. I am originally from New Jersey and moved to North Carolina in 2016. 

I have always had a love for dogs, but it wasn’t until I started volunteering for one of our local rescues that I knew I wanted to work with these creatures every day. 

When I signed my own dog up for off leash lessons, that is when I found my passion for the training aspect. I was so excited for lessons each week and to learn everything I could. The change in my dog before and after training was priceless to witness. After that my life was so much easier. 

My only hope now is to be able to provide that same experience for others and their furry friend.

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