4 Impressive and Entertaining Tricks you Can Teach your Dog

We have all had our YouTube marathon of dog videos and their cool tricks. As dog owners, we can’t help but envy those owners for such smart dogs. Who wouldn’t want their dog to bring them water on command or get the mail from the mailman and pay them their due?

Well, the good news is, every dog can learn these amazing tricks, as long as you use fun ways to teach them.

Here are some of the best tricks you can teach your dog, and enjoy it just as immensely as your loyal pet:

1. Shake

A dog who knows how to shake hands might not be all that surprising, but it never seems to lose its charm. You’d feel like a proud parent every time your dog offers his front paw instead of jumping and barking all over your guests as a greeting. The trick is simple enough to teach. Hold a treat in your hand and hold it out. Wait patiently as your dog tries everything until it touches your hand with his paw. That’s when you open the hand and give him a treat. Repeat, and voila, your dog knows a new trick.  

2. Play Dead

If you have a sense of humor, teach your dog to play dead and have some banging fun with it. The trick might take some time to teach, but patience will get you there. Take your dog to a completely distraction-free environment. Coax them to sit down and then lie down on their side by holding a treat between your fingers. Move your hand in a motion that encourages them to lie down; as soon as they do, give them the treat. Repeat and treat several times. Once your dog has comfortably learned to lie down, use the verbal cue. It can be ’Bang!” or a gun sound accompanied by the handgun signal.

Dog playing

3. Speak

Getting your dog to bark on command can be quite handy. When your dog is barking, immediately say the command, “Speak” and reward them. Repeat every day until the dog barks as soon as you say the command.

4. Move Back

Dogs are excited creatures and often rush you into tight corners. Teaching them to move back is a great way to prevent them from rushing you. Get close to them with a treat in your hand and move forward slightly, so your dog has no choice but back away. When it does, speak the command and reward.

Teaching your dog new tricks requires two key ingredients, patience and repetition. Dogs are intelligent, and you’d be surprised how quickly they’d pick up the new tricks. Use these ideas to make playtime with your pooch all the more fun.

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