Basic Dog Obedience Training

Teaching Your Dog Obedience Commands

So you have become a dog owner. Whether you rescued the dog or you have a new puppy, you are already thinking about the process of training your new family member. The training of basic obedience commands isn’t really all that hard. All you need is lots of treats, patients, and of course love.

There is no reason that you can’t successfully train your dog yourself. And that is precisely the subject of this article.  Teaching your dog obedience commands.

Be Consistent

From the minute you begin training your dog it is very easy to get overwhelmed at what you are trying to do. Don’t expect the dog to do much on the first day of training. 

Develop a good training regimen. Start at the same time every session. And make sure that you are loaded up on those treats. As with anything in life, we and our four legged fur buddies learn a lot faster if there is a reward involved.

Teaching the ‘Sit’ command

This is an excellent place to start your dog’s obedience training. Teaching them to sit on command is by far one of the easiest commands to learn. 

The first thing you do is show the dog that you have a treat. Now, to the dog he is only thinking about how to the treat from your hand to his mouth. Stand in front of your dog and with an open palm, show him the treat. His interest will be piqued. Slowly close your palm and stroke the dog on the back from his head to his tail. He will automatically lower his rear end to the ground. As he moves into this sitting position firmly announce ‘sit’ and offer the treat.

This command should take no more than a day or two to master.

Teaching the ‘Crate’ Command

Crate training is your dog may take a bit longer than the ‘sit’ command, but with consistency and patients, you and your dog can do it. The first thing you need is the actual crate. Make sure it is big enough for the dog to stand up and turn around without bother.

For the first few days, you might want to consider bungee cording the door of the crate open. This will let the dog get accustomed to going in and out on his own.

Armed with those treats, toss on inside the crate and say ‘crate’ when the dog enters. Use this with treats, his favorite toy, or anything that will get his attention.

Teaching the ‘Stay’ Command

The ‘stay’ command is much like the ‘sit’ command. Stand in front of your dog and get him into his sitting position. Let the dog see the treat and this time instead of stroking him on his back, lower the hand with the treat to the ground. Do this just out of reach for the dog and calmly keep saying ‘stay.’

The dog will follow the hand with the treat and wonder how he is going to get it. Calmly stand up continue saying ‘stay’ remain in eye contact with the dog. When he has held the ‘stay’ position offer the treat.

These are just some basic obedience commands that you can teach your dog. Just remember to always be patient, and give them lots of love and affection!