Ways To Deal With Dog's Ear Infection

With the summer months in full play, one of the best ways to exercise and cool your dog off is in the water. However, canine water exposure can lead to a common health nuisance for your dog. According to the American Kennel Club, there are about 20% of dogs who have an ear condition- ear infections being the most common. While most dog breeds with floppy ears are most likely to get one, all dogs can fall victim to ear infections, especially dogs exposed to the water. However, regardless of water exposure, there are also dogs who are naturally prone to ear infections. Some other causes for ear infections can be because of allergies, excessive moisture, foreign objects, immune system issues, bacteria, mites, and other ear growths. 

Some dog breeds are more prone to ear infections over others. Some examples include:

  • Retrievers
  • German Shepards
  • Basset Hounds
  • Doodle breeds
  • Yorkshire Terriers

There are three different types of ear infections possible: otitis externa (least serious and easily treated), otitis media (middle ear infection, and can have serious effects), and otitis interna (inner ear canal, serious implications and can cause deafness). While ear infections are quite common, there are ways to prevent them from occurring:

  • Clean at home with a dog ear cleaning solution
  • Keep your dog’s ears dry- especially post swim or bath
  • Consider supplements to help dog’s immune system
  • Identify and treat any underlying causes

If symptoms worsen, be sure to seek professional treatment right away to ensure the problem does not become serious. 

dog ear infection

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