Dog Training Basics –Essential Commands Your Dog Should Know

Dog Training Basics –Essential Commands Your Dog Should Know

Living with a dog is a lot like living with a toddler. Both are highly energetic and hyperactive and require some basic training for discipline. If you do not want to be put in a difficult or embarrassing situation because your pet cannot understand your commands or ignores them, make sure to give your dog basic obedience training.

To help you get started with dog training, here we’re highlighting the two basic commands to teach your dog as soon as you bring it home:


Teaching your dog the Come command involves training it to leave whatever it is doing and come to you immediately whenever you call. This command training plays an essential role in ensuring that your dog behaves well in public and doesn’t cause any harm to anyone.

Even if you do not plan to take your dog outside without a leash ever, it is essential to teach it to respond to the come command to be prepared for an emergency situation, for example, if it ever slips out of the leash in public or jumps on someone. Simply put, this command training will help keep both the dog and you out of trouble.

How To Teach Come Command To Your Dog?

Put your dog on a leash. Stand at a distance, get down to the dog’s level, then ask it to come to you. As you use the command, give the leash a gentle pull, so your dog understands what you’re asking it to do. Treat the dog once it follows your command. Repeat the exercise several times a day.

Once your dog mastered the command on a leash, take it off, and repeat the exercise without the leash. Do this training inside the home to ensure no one is at risk when the dog is off the leash.

Dog training

Leave It

Dogs are curious beings; they have a natural tendency to explore their surroundings. But, this curiosity of your pet can sometimes get it or you in trouble. Training for a leave-it command can come in handy in situations where your dog is trying to eat or explore something inedible or potentially dangerous, chewing a guest’s shoe, or get a hold of someone’s bag.

How to Train Your Dog a Leave It Command?

Hold a dog treat in both your hands (preferably one of higher value than the other). Show the hand with low-value treat to your dog and then close the fist, with the treat inside and then tell the dog to leave it.

The dog will still try to get the treat. It will lick, bark, or paw. Let it try, but don’t respond or open your fist. When the dog gives up, give it the high-value treat that’s in your other hand.

Repeat the exercise until your dog learns to leave the treat in your hand when you use the command.

Continue to Expand On the Obedience Training Until Your Dog Masters All the Basic Commands

Obedience training for dogs involves teaching them multiple basic commands. We have only discussed the two that are essential and should be taught as soon as you bring a new dog home and before you take it out in public to ensure it won’t get you in any trouble. Once your dog masters these commands, gradually expand the obedience training to include sit, stay, and down/lie down commands into it.

Remember, dog obedience training requires time, commitment, consistency, and patience. Never punish your dog or be harsh with your pet. If you’re struggling with dog training or your pet has turned out to be a lot more stubborn than you had expected, consult a professional dog trainer instead of using any harsh measure. It will negatively impact your dog’s psychology as well as the relationship between you two.

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