How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

As a new dog owner you might be considering dog obedience training. There are about as many types of training as there are dog breeds. It all depends on what kind of behavior you are looking to get from your dog.

Everything from single thirty-minute sessions to a full 8 weeks of boarding and training is available. You just need to know what it is you are after in a dog training regimen.

The National Average

Dog obedience training can come in many forms. Group classes, one-on-one sessions and 6 to 8 week board and train, are some of the more popular ones. Your local vet or pet store may be able to steer in the right direction based on the needs of the training.

In a recent article from here are the national averages of the cost associated with dog training.

  • Training in Group Sessions $30-$50 per each class
  • One-on-One Training Sessions $40-$120 per each class
  • Obedience School $35-$75 per day
  • Board and Training $500-$1250 per week
  • Service Dog School $120 per hour

Your chosen trainer may be higher or lower than these prices. These prices are based on a national average of various dog training facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Also depending upon the training that you want for your dog will fluctuate from these prices as well.

Finding the Right Trainer

Once you have nailed down exactly what you want your dog to do, and you have been made aware of the cost, then it is time to find the right trainer. The best advice here is to get references. If you’re choosing a reputable trainer, he or she should have no problem with this.

It is also important to ask the trainer in question if you can be there during the sessions. After all, the dog is going to be taking commands from you. So you might as well get involved of the training process.

Trainers that proved service dog training are bit more selective about you joining in. But, just know that at some point you will be training with the dog. The trainer will show you how to properly announce the commands to remain consistent with the dog’s training.

What Do You Want to Train You Dog to Do?

So, now you have some information on the costs associated with dog training, and hopefully you have the right trainer for the job. The next consideration in the training is simple. What do you want to train your dog to do?

Most dog owners are after the basics. Things like sit, stay, shake, and others are simple commands that a trainer can accomplish with success. These are the ones used everyday by the owner.

But what about service dogs? Perhaps you or someone you know is in need of a service dog, Just be made aware the more intense the training, the more it will cost.

Armed with some good information you can make a good decision about your dog’s trainer as well as the costs.

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