Training Your Dog? Use These Positive Rewards for More Success

Training a new pet dog is often a long process (particularly for new pet parents) that require commitment and consistency. However, there are certain ways to improve the effectiveness of your dog training procedure. Positive rewards are one of the best-known ways to encourage your puppy to learn new behaviours and keep them motivated. But, what constitutes a positive reward for dogs? Let’s take a look.

3 Different Types of Positive Rewards that Dogs Love

Keep the training period exciting for your pooch by incorporating different types of positive dog rewards in it. Following are some positive reinforcers that dogs are known to love:

1. Food

Food is the biggest reward for most dogs and is recognized as the best reward for positive reinforcement. However, every dog’s food preference may be different. Find out what type of food your dog loves the most and use it as a treat when he behaves like a good boy and follows your directions and commands.

Make sure to keep the size of treats small, so they want to have them again and hence, are encouraged to behave in certain ways. It’s best to use healthy treats to avoid health issues, like weight gain, in the long run.

2. Toys

Dogs love to play. Hence, dog toys score a high rank on the positive rewards scale. However, you need to choose the right kinds of toys for maximum effectiveness. Some dogs love to chew toys, while others enjoy running after fetching toys. Some love to play with tug toys, whereas some breeds enjoy cuddling with stuffed toys.

When using toys as rewards in dog training, choose the type of toys that your dog loves to play with the most. For better results, reserve a few toys as rewards and only allow your dog to play with them for a certain time when they display the desired behaviors.

The use of positive rewards in dog training

3. Attention and Praise

Like us humans, dogs crave attention and love when their owners praise their good behaviors. Using these tools as rewards during training is a great way to inculcate positive behaviors. Give your pooch positive attention, appreciate them verbally, and/or pet them to show that you’re happy with what they just did.

The Final Word

Rewards are great tools for reinforcing positive behavior in dogs. However, you need to use the right types of dog rewards at the right times to achieve desired results. Remember, wrong use of rewards can have opposing effects and lead to teaching wrong behaviors instead. If you struggle with it, it’s best to take help from a professional dog trainer.