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Turn Your Dog Into A Well-Behaved Dog That Listens!

Does your dog or new puppy lack focus and attention toward your commands? Are you tired of your dog not listening? Are you frustrated with their behavior toward other dogs or people? We can help!


Put a STOP to Bad Behavior!

Uncontrollable barking, pulling during walks, biting, snapping or excessive jumping on guests? Does this sound like your dog? We can help stop all of these bad behaviors!

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We Can Help Eliminate These Issues.


Make Training Enjoyable, And Open Doors To Adventures That Off-leash Freedom Brings!

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training offers professional dog training for all Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. Let us help transform your dog into a perfect obedient pet!


Services We Offer

Board and Train
Puppy Training
Private Training
Aggression & More

Ridgeside K9 NC Dog Training

What Makes Us Different?

We believe training your dog is an important step, but we believe what's even more important is training YOU and the continued support AFTER training!

Our Exclusive Immersion Board and Train Program

A Board and Train Program is where your dog comes and stays with us for the duration of their training. Our board and train program is ideal for people who either do not have the time to train their dog or those whose dog is exhibiting severe behavioral problems.


- Consistent Training
- Do more with your Dog sooner, faster results
- Reliable training results
- Field trips and socialization
- Perfect for busy families

A board and training program can help your pet transform their mindset and live a happier life. The training sessions make up the bulk of your dog's day. We offer specialized packages that are tailored to each dog's personality and needs.

What's most important is establishing trust and a clear communication system with your dog, so they feel comfortable working with us and taking what they learned back home to you.

Our Customers Love Us!

Transform Your Dog Into A Well Trained Obedient Pet!


• Difficult to walk on a leash
• Constantly pulling on a leash
• Uncontrollable Barking
• Aggression
• Biting or nipping
• Very stubborn
• Digging Holes
• Lack of basic obedience

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