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At Ridgeside K9 Eastern Carolina Dog Training, we understand that the foundation of all successful dog training lies in dog obedience training. It’s easy to underestimate how important this is for everything from pet training to high-level of obedience competitions – if your dog doesn’t have a strong understanding of basic commands and communication then no matter what else you do with them it will likely fall apart eventually!

That’s why our goal is always to provide every pup with an unbreakable base they can rely on when times get tough or distractions arise.

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We Offer Obedience Training For All Breeds, Age and Issues.

Puppy Obedience Training

Ready to start your pup off on the right paw? Our two-week puppy program is perfect for getting a solid foundation of basic obedience training – and we’ll even take it out into the real world. Embrace their wild side with commands like ‘heel, sit down, place’ and more as they learn how to navigate all sorts of public settings; socializing them along the way! 

On Leash Obedience

Our two-week Board & Train program is the ideal solution for dog owners looking to enhance their pup’s basic training and develop a lasting foundation. The On-Leash course will offer your pup an effective communication system, while mastering key skills such as impulse control and loose leash walking around busy public places like parks or stores. With our help, you’ll be able to take your dog out without worry!

Off Leash Obedience

Our renowned 3-week dog training obedience program focuses on teaching reliable obedience both inside and outside of the home, where they will be able to practice in more distracting settings such as parks, stores and beaches.

Our experienced trainers ensure that your pup receives professional training with real world situations so you can always trust their recall regardless of environmental stimuli.

What sets us apart is our focus on helping build a positive relationship between owners and their dogs by providing absolute control, clear communication and a way to experience a more enjoyable life together.

Service Dog Training

All service dogs, regardless of their job, require a high level of obedience, control, and neutrality. Our service dog obedience programs focus on creating a relaxed state of mind while maintaining control and obedience.

Service dogs must go through our obedience programs before starting task training. We do in-depth testing to ensure your dog will be a good service dog!

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Obedience Training For Dogs

Dog obedience training is a key component of responsible pet ownership. Training your dog to obey commands and exhibit appropriate behavior can help keep it safe and provide a strong bond between you and your beloved pooch.

Training methods vary, but there are some common elements that all successful obedience trainings share. Firstly, consistency is important – you’ll need to be strict in sticking to a schedule, and use the same commands every time you’re training your dog. It’s also important to reward good behaviors with praise or treats – dogs respond positively to being praised or rewarded for good behavior, and will be more likely to repeat it in the future!

Good trainers will also tailor their approach based on the individual needs of each pup; some dogs are better suited for clicker training, while others may respond better to verbal cues or even food-based rewards. Most importantly, patience is essential when training any animal – don’t expect perfection from your dog right away!

At Ridgeside K9 Eastern Carolina Dog Training we use a balanced method of dog training where we incorporate all quadrants of operant conditioning. It is important for dogs to understand what they are not supposed to do as much as rewarding them for good behaviors. Most behavioral problems arise from not understanding how to properly punish bad behaviors.

Overall, when done correctly, proper dog obedience training can give pets a secure foundation on which they can build their own sense of confidence and trust – something that goes both ways between you and your pup!

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